Post-mortem presentation video

I presented a post-mortem kinda thing at last weekend's BarCamp in Melbourne. The kind folks there video taped it! So here it is: The 7-day Game.

I'm going to look into putting together a higher-quality video with basically the same content but recorded directly off my laptop. If anyone's got any suggestions for content they'd like to see in the video (except for "less 'um's please") then please comment :)

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awesome seeing all development process! thanks! :)
this was really good.. very well done video.   
Great talk, thanks for posting the link! I bet it feels good to have your game applauded. :)

My favorite thing about your game is how you used Inkscape as a level editor. That's one of the sanest ideas I've ever heard. For your high-quality video, you should edit one or two things in the Inkscape file, and show how it's different in the game, to show how easy it is. It didn't work at your talk, but you can get it to work, I'm sure. In fact, if you could even spend 5 or 10 minutes building a level, I feel like I would learn a whole lot from it. Oh, and you should get your daughter to introduce the game and talk about it for a minute! Well, I don't know if you'd want to, but it's one idea.

One audience member asked you how to start making games, and you said learn to program. This was great advice. If your video will be targeted to people interested in learning to make games, you might want to expand on your answer. If I were answering it, I would say learn object-oriented programming. Like many people, I first learned OOP from a lousy Java textbook that shows a Dinosaur class that inherits from an Animal class, and Submarine that inherits from Vehicle, things that you would never see in an actual program.... except maybe a game. I for one never found OOP as natural as when applied to games. And maybe plug Python, since it's probably the easiest game for beginners that's also object oriented.

Thanks again!
Thanks for the feedback!

Explaining how to start is hard and I need a better answer 'cos I get asked all the time :(
Maybe you could do a survey and see how others got into games? (or programming in general) I find the answers i get from that question quite interesting.