HIIW may need timidity on linux too

It's been pointed out that Linux needs timidity in order to handle MIDI. This affects HIIW too, since it also uses MIDI music. I've tried to arrange things so that it will continue working without music if support isn't there, but I haven't tested that.

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just FYI, at startup I got
File "D:\pyweek9_entries\greg_pw9\PyWeek9-0.2\Game\Code\credits_screen.py", li
ne 20, in load_credits
f = open(resource_path("text", "credits.txt"), "ru")
IOError: [Errno 22] invalid mode ('ru') or filename: 'D:\\pyweek9_entries\\greg_
I rplaced 'ru' by 'rb', that worked, and also the credit screen looked good.
Windows xp , python 2.6.2 here.

Whoops, that was meant to be "rU" (i.e. universal newlines mode).  I guess "rb" will work too, since I wrote it on a system with "\n" line endings.

I guess 2.6 must be fussier about what the mode string contains -- I didn't get any complaint about it from 2.5.