Thank you!

It seems like Trip on the Funny Boat won the team category of PyWeek 2! However, I would also like to congratulate Alex on his victory in the individual category, and also for receiving the highest overall ratings in the whole competition!
I would like to thank everybody who rated us, my teammates JDruid and Hectigo and also all our friends who tested the game during the week. It was a really fun week of working on the game and a very fun two weeks of playing the fantastic games you all produced.
We are going to continue working on Trip on the Funny Boat and we welcome any and all suggestions and feedback. You can reach us via e-mail "pekuja at iki dot fi" or you can catch us on IRC with our respective nicks.
It is 5 o'clock in the morning in Finland now, so I probably need to get some sleep. See you all at PyWeek 3! ;-)

pekuja on 2006/04/16 01:48 of Trip on the Funny Boat