Well, I am extremely pleased with this entry - it is honestly the best we've ever done, I believe.
Had a couple people I haven't worked with before on the team this time, and they were awesome.

Everything just seemed to go right for this project.
In the end we didn't drop a single major feature, I didn't stress over the entry, we were always ahead of schedule, and we did some things we haven't before.

The entry itself has no known bugs, but I'll be interested to see if we maintain our 100% worked ratio from past entries...

Oh, and from the title:
Seems like this is our lucky Pyweek...
I'm also quite pleased with how well PYGGEL held together, in total.
It is quite slow (as we knew, being immediate mode OpenGL in pure Python) but it is smooth enough.
I fixed a ton of bugs and will probably be spending a month merging my changes from Pyweek into PYGGEL's svn XD

For me as well, I picked up far more of the project than I have in the past (though certainly less than if I went solo XD )...
I even did a few sfx - which I haven't done before, so that was fun (though I was slightly disappointed to note that I've lost my Elmer Fudd "aww cwud" voice :S )

Gonna spend tomorrow probably testing the game to see if there are any devastating bugs we haven't caught yet, and building an exe, but probably will end up not changing a single thing :)

Cheers all, and congrats on a great competition and a ton of great entries!

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Great! It runs well even on my slow machine. Extremely minor point, but there's no run_game.py. I had to use run_game.pyw. Also, do you spawn right on top of an enemy at the beginning of level 2? I lost a bunch of health but I didn't see why.
Every level you start in a room with no enemies - perhaps you got hit right before you swapped levels? That happens to me a lot... :S
And yeah - me being an idiot I just renamed the .py to .pyw - really lame :S