Finish the game. (Just text mode.)

Dear all:

The game can play, but still have bug.
(I haven't time to debug it in now. sorry.)
Please care your input.

this just running on python, don't need another lib.
I hope it can running in MSwindow.

It was hard to write. so I was very slow.
it was writing in my sharp HC-7000 and netbsd 5.
( it had not X or pygame and pyglet. )

Milker in pyweek9

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it's great seeing a terminal-based Python game! (can we expect a python-curses game next time? ;) )

One point is maybe the downloadable file could be a bit more organized, like from pyweek-skellington ( from ) - having the whole .py files except into '/gamelib', pictures and sounds (not your case in that game) into '/data', may be more comfortable for the people will play them - i'm now using skellinton structure for everything, all gets much better organized, it's very practical!

During the game, it seems to accept only numeric values, and the game closes when you enter a text or something like - maybe the game needs a kind of condition or exception for this situations, asking you to enter again a correct numeric value...
Dear nitrofurano:

I will rewrite it use python-curses and pyglet mode.
of course debug and write more test case in

in next time. I will follow pyweek-skellington structure.

P.S. I should just pyggy.