#1 Larry's Castle

I've uploaded a playable demo of my first level! In the final version, you won't be able to cast any spells in this level, but in this version, you can, just for fun. Press Tab to cycle through the available spells, and cast with left-click.

If you want to give feedback on how difficult it is, try it without casting any spells. Keep in mind that this is the first level, but you're not expected to get it on your first try. That's the difficulty I was aiming for.

Okay, I have to go design at least two more levels if I want to call this a game. I really gotta dive into it now. Good luck everyone!

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Difficulty feels good (it took me two or three tries to get to the first save point without using spells). Love the spells by the way, and spell bounce! Fantastic! I think the game here has a lot of potential.

You have a flair for the visuals as well, keep at it!