Want. To. Buy. Time D:

Seriously, I've made almost no progress yesterday since job took all my time... well, at least the time I planned to spent on this. I'll probably have a meeting today, so... yeah, I've gotta transform a day in a week nao xD

Anyways, I still could get a few things done yesterday:
  • High-scores screen (yeah! old game style rewards ftw :D)
  • Level clear screen which looks sorta like sonic ones. It was fun to do that :D
  • Reworked on menus and interface, but still need to add the anime-ish graphics.
  • Fixed bug with .ogg files. Somewhat my converter generated a ogg file that played whereverelse but in my game O.O
I'll make the intro/ending story only if I have time to, they're not priority right now (even though I wrote the story already, it's long tho), but I want to add the angel girl to the menu. She looks so cute :3 Also, I changed the interface so it looks cuter now (for some reason I still don't know I've made sorta horror-ish graphics for a cute-ish game /yep, I should stop working while sleeping xD)

For some strange reason, the converter I was using generated ogg files that played wherever but in my game. I still don't know what was going on there, it was supposed to generate proper OGG vorbis files (I tried encoding with flac to see if it was just a wrong encoding, but pygame doesn't play flac files, so...). Anyways, I've got another encoder that does the job, so I'll be using ogg files nao :D

Here's a screenshot of the hi-scores screen (because most probably you won't be reading my whinings anyways xD)

Things I plan to do today:
  • Options screen, so you can change display/difficulty/sound vol/etc
  • Work on some animations for deaths and such
  • Work on some special effects jus' 'coz game should look good :D
  • Create moar levels (at least 7 or so)
  • Make a tutorial level... or maybe not, this won't be a priority too.  

Now I have a todo list to complete, let's get to wo~rk ✩

I shall post a new beta demo today if everything goes smoothly...

 hopefully it will...

it will, right?

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well, i have no problems about seeing cute women in games - but take care if the picture is not offensive for women in general, since would be great seeing more women here in PyWeek competition.
Anyway, it seems really rare seeing women participating in the PyWeek competition, when it's known female programmers likes to code games - do it also happen at LudumDare and other competitions?
nitrofurano, what picture do you think is offensive? Just curious.
cosmologicon - i only comented 'but I want to add the angel girl to the menu. She looks so cute' can provide a picture can be risky considered offensive for some women - i only commented it hipotetically, and only about the risk - i didn't comment any picture, since i didn't see any... :) - not big deal, never mind! :)
That front screen is sweeet. That's some awesome art you've got there!