Set on an idea

Ok, now that I finally have time, I spent some of it trying to think of a nice idea, but I'm feeling uninspired today, unfortunately. I have an idea that sounds fun, but it's not really innovative, and since I really want to start, I think I'm sticking with it.

It's a shoot'em up game (there's a small twist involving feathers, but it's not much). I'll let you know more about it when I have more of it.

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Innovation, production, or fun, pick any two.  (I think production and fun tend to make more of an impact than innovation)
I think I'm going for fun and production this time. I'm a bit worried that I won't have much time to make the game, though - I already started late and I still have other things to do in the next days. And production is something that takes time. Though maybe that can work as an incentive for me to work faster (well, it's not working yet...).
brilliant game! it's one more should appear at some indie reference blogs, like
Thanks! Saying that it should appear at Indie Games Blog is quite a compliment - I too follow that blog and know the quality of the games they feature. But even if it had any chance of being featured outside Pyweek, I think it's a bit too rough and unbalanced for that (more on the postmortem I'll post soon).
@Tee - You're welcome! Because of your game firstly (and also 'Easy' and 'After the Fall', sorry i were not mentioning others...) i sent them a mail about your game to them, for they having a reference on how some games here at can have the quality of the games they are talking about in their blog - this is important being known from people, and the people follow their news, and being an important part of the Indie game scene - and of course, since is an awesome opportunity to provide visibility to our games, all people in this competition should really care about improving their games the most possible! is also for me an important reference on the Indie scene i also want to be a part of, and trying to contribute with some innovation, experiment, and learning from!
That's the excitement i see from, and i only have to thank @Richard for the initiative! :)
Who knows, one day, one of us were not being part of important conferences or meetings like GDC, PAX, or any other like related with open-source indie games!
an interesting fact is, some open-source games here, specially GPL ones, normally catches attention from GNU/Linux packagers (like on distros like Debian and Ubuntu), and having games on Linux repositories is an awesome way to get visibility - Ubuntu repository is plenty of very good Indie games (like Kenta Cho ones, for example) - that's also why pyweek competitors should care about improving them (and i, humbly, also try to care about this the most as i can...)
I agree. There are many impressive games that originate from Pyweek that I've never seen outside of it and they should be more known. It would be nice if blogs about indie games featured Pyweek as a whole (probably after all the rating is done).

It would be an honor to have a game featured at the Indie Games blog, but usually my Pyweek games lack polish and testing for that. If a chance comes to have my game featured at the Indie Games blog (not something I'd expect), I'd probably would like to work further on a second version before they feature it.
it's were i told about in that mail i sent - those were just examples for they (and followers) seeing how the whole works, and how brilliant innovative ideas can be found even on games from people struggling about graphics or game logic - is a very interesting workshop where we are always learning from each others!

The first games i knew from were 'Dynamite Deluxe' (pyweek1) and 'Trip on the Funny Boat' (pyweek2), which i were truly impressed with them - and these both games are good examples of indie games - and wishing one day coding games here can be considered at least as good. And the most we care about the quality of our games, more they can catch attentions from the Indie gaming scene!

I think Pyggy could be a good place for everyone of us having opportunity to polish our games for shining in this Indie gaming scene?