Post your best score in here!

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After rating all of the other pyweek games, i settled and played my game for a little..
my best score is 126!

i also wanted y'all to know how i would rate my own game:

fun - about average - it is fun to try and match the shape. except for the first level which is a little hard and un-fun.
innovation - above average - messing around with particles, rotating the mouse cursor.
production - below average - while this is playable, i could add some more game elements (score meter and music for example) to make it more fun. (of course i would do it if i had another few hours)

I am yet to succeed in making a shape in the game. The fan tool is not very intuitive to use for drawing shapes I'm afraid. :-(
Is there some "trick" that you have to grasp in order to build shapes effectively?