Mightier than what, now?

I spent longer on my Ludum Dare entry than I should have, and now I'm a day behind for PyWeek! For a game idea, I really wanted to take in a different direction. The only feather-related thing I could think of that I haven't seen mentioned is quill pens. And that makes me think "The pen is mightier than the sword". So how about this for a game: You're a statesman, armed only with your quill pen. And there's a bunch of guys attacking you with swords. And you have to lucubrate them into submission.

Okay okay, it's a work in progress....

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Oooh, better yet: foppish dandy and member of the landed gentry by day, rakish highwayman by night. You stage heists of your peers' ill-gotten gains, whilst lambasting them in satirical comic operas. Which will high society deem more scandalous: your criminal acts of derring-do, or your impertinently ribald quatrains???