On our entry

Our entry:
A mirror:
http://www.wardtek.ca/steamrollers.zip (Hosted on our home dsl, so probably slow.)

Please note that the binaries don't suffer from the memory leak problem the source version has.
Windows: http://www.wardtek.ca/steamRollersWin32.zip
Mac: http://www.wardtek.ca/steamrollers.dmg

Due to efforts to cram in last minute features, our uploaded competition entry has several know bugs:

These are all one or two line fixes, so we will probably do a "not for judging" bugfix release some time soon.

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Please remember that only the download from pyweek.org should be used for judging!
While Erik was lamenting our errors I went in and fixed them in one or two lines each. Grrr... last minute rush mistakes. These are not our entry in the competition in any way shape or form, but they do have all the above gameplay bugs fixed. If you've judged our game and would like to keep it, please replace it with one of these. It's the copy we'll be giving out to our friends and helpers.


Mac: (Tiger Only)


Also, if anybody is *really* curious, we have a subversion server you could pull from. Email me to get more info on that. jay@wardtek.ca
Another Bug! The track Split Decision, aka TrackSplit won't load in One Player mode on Linux. This is due to our .raw (ai data) file having differen't capitalization than our .png (map) and .cfg (configuration) files. It should be the only one that acts wonky and can be fixed by renaming maps/tracksplit.raw to /maps/TrackSplit.raw.