Night #1 progress

Well, Tim and I got on irc and pieced together a really cool (I think) idea/story for our FPS.
 And the good thing is that once the core is done (which should be like tomorrow or Tuesday) it just a matter of content.

So, I grabbed pyggel and set to work, we already have our level file parser done, and the first level made (mostly)
The floor, ceiling, walls and doors are all rendered as well.
The hud is started, so if your mouse goes over anything you can interact with the hud text changes.
Currently that is only implemented for doors though.

Doors open and a light above them turns on if you get close enough and are facing them.

Tomorrow will work on collisions (let's not keeping walking through walls XD), binding the mouse to the center and using it for camera movements, finishing hud, first weapons, and buffs.

After that will be the last really difficult part, which will be the baddies and the AI.

If we do it right though, we'll have half the week for play-testing and features, and everything else will be done soon XD

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sounds cool, I'm looking forward to this.
sounds like you are making progress