Trip on the Funny Boat

The game is finally finished and PyWeek is over. I didn't get around to posting much screenshots near the end of the week, but we managed to do some very nice additions to the game.
The graphics are largely redone, the game has a main menu, high scores, and two different game modes: "Story mode" and "Endless mode" with separate high scores for both. Endless mode is actually closer to what the earlier version were. It's basically more and more enemies coming at you, but now with different "phases" that have different balance between the different kinds of enemies and also different "weather conditions" meaning that the waves get taller or shorter.
Story mode actually has an end unlike the Endless mode (hence the name "endless"). You'll go through five phases similar to the ones in endless mode, this time with progressive difficulty, and in the sixth phase you'll face the final boss.
We had a great time making this game, and we hope you have equally good time playing it!

Download Trip on the Funny Boat -- final PyWeek version.

pekuja on 2006/04/02 00:20 of Trip on the Funny Boat

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great game! loads of fun!