Chess vs Zombies! wrap-up

Well, I scored better than I expected. At least I got a high innovation score for trying out an experimental idea - it was higher than I was expecting. I'm happy that most people who rated liked the game. I got only a few raters though. Maybe I was lucky to get only the kind judges. :)

A few replies:

Should of probably made the chess board out of grass or something though - theme was totally ignored.

Not much lawn though, so I checked "disqualify".

I don't think the theme was totally ignored. The idea did come from the theme; the chess pieces are defending their chess board, which is their territory, their "lawn". I think if I made it out of grass, the theme would feel tacked on. But, well, it isn't exactly lawn, so I understand.

(kings are supposed to be able to move in all 8 directions...)

Since when can a king not move diagonal, though?

Gaaaah! *shoots himself*

That's what happens when you rush through making the game and don't think much. :P

If there were some easier way to control the pieces, this would be kinda fun.

If you don't mind, I'd like to hear a suggestion. :)

I really appreciated reading your comments. If you commented on my game, thank you very much. They made me happy. :)

I wonder, is anyone interested on a quick Pyggy version of this game? Just fix the king, balance, add sounds, and make it into a real game. I'd also like to make the controls easier, but I'm not sure how I'd do it. I also intended to have zombies go for the pieces and attack from both sides (but I didn't have time to draw the zombies in all directions and had to make it come only from below and walk up :)), so a Pyggy version would probably have that too. Either way, I won't spend much time on it because I want to work on my main entry, but since some people seemed to like the idea, I could at least make it decent if people are interested. Does that interest you? Does anyone have any other ideas?

Anyway, thanks for all the nice comments! Thanks to Richard for hosting this Pyweek! Congratulations to the Super Effective and Cosmologicon! I was a bit frustrated this Pyweek, but the comments made me satisfied. :) See you in Pyggy or in next Pyweek! Next Pyweek, I'll try not to be too ambitious and make a 7-day game.

As for my original entry, see my Pyggy post.

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I did not notice that the king wasn't working right :). Guess I don't play enough chess...

As for controls: How about you click on a piece to select it and from there on it is selected as long as you do not click on another piece to change selection. And the possible moves of the selected piece are always displayed and you can click on a valid destination to move there. So you could just click here and there quickly to go here and there with the selected piece (you would not have to click the piece itself again). I think this would be an improvement.

For added challenge you could add some lawn for Pyggy :). Not necessarily as grass on the table (that would indeed feel tacked on), but in some other ingenious way!

Having more pieces was not very useful to me. This could be alleviated by changing the controls around (maybe the selection would change to the next piece as soon as you click a destination, so you could rapidly move another piece while one is in transit, maybe also making them slower to reinforce this mechanic) or you could focus on singe-piece gameplay and shift gut-spending in this direction by offering upgrades to speed and health. You could also support more than one mouse for multi-player (or ambidexterous) mayhem :). In short, I would definately be interested in a Pyggy version!

Your control suggestion is definitely an improvement. I'm wondering if I can somehow use the keyboard to speed things up, by mapping pieces to keyboard keys, or use the left and right arrow keys to scroll between pieces. Maybe that would be too confusing, but I think I'll give it a shot.

I'll think about the lawn. But right now I can't think of an ingenious way. :)

I agree about having more pieces not being useful, which is why I didn't bother much to balance the game (I only noticed it after I was done with the coding). When I first tested the game, I realized that there was pretty much only one "winning" strategy: work your way through a rook or a queen and move it left to right and right to left constantly to clear the line. Eventually, you get swarmed and that stops working, which is when you lose. :) I haven't really thought of ways for the game to be more strategic, but one thing that might help is having attacks from both sides (I'm considering breaking the rules of chess and enlarging the board a bit for that) and different zombie behaviors.

I'm not sure I'd like to make it single-piece gameplay - it changes the game's direction significantly. As to more than one mouse, that's definitely an interesting idea, but I'd rather stick to assuming people only have one keyboard and one mouse.