Thank for your comment.

Hi, everyboy:

I know that, it isn't a good game.
Thank you. I will do my best in #pyweek9 !!

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milker, your games are interesting and special! :-) You use mathematics and logic, so it's fun to learn the rules by experimenting. I like this very much. Just make sure that the controls are clear.

Your graphics can be confusing. :-( The viruses move instantly from place to place. It's hard to follow them with your eye, and hard to click on them. They move 100 pixels, 1 time per second, but I think it would be better if they moved 5 pixels, 20 times per second. This would also look smoother and it would increase your Production score.

Domino String was your best game, because it's slow and you don't have to click on something that's jumping away. I hope that your next game will also have rules that are fun to learn, and have sprites that are easier to follow.

Hi, Cosmologicon:

Thank you for your comment.
First, I know that, my game Kill_H1N1 is not good enough ! [o^o]
Yes, Domino String is my good game in #pyweek,
I use more time to learn howto play domino in the month before #pyweek7.

Kill_H1N1 is a good idea for game.
but I don't use more time to do research for h1n1 or virus.
I want to say sorry for it.

In #pyweek I always care howto deliver the game,
and don't care howto keep it fun.
I want to say sorry for it too.

No need to feel sorry! I enjoyed it too, it was so wacky and it was fun figuring out what was going on at all. If I were a professional game reviewer I would say it "successfully avoided all convention" :).