So close.. yet so far

In the end, I lost on the most fundamental thing, gameplay. I needed to spend more time tweaking how the trains collided and pulled on each other, in order to prevent what happened: springs between cars would just amp up until monstrous forces would knock them all apart at well over 1000m/s.. d'oh

I did take time off today to tweak the environment and make it pretty, at least I am happy with that. And I did make everything from scratch: music (with garageband), graphics (with inkscape).. except the physics, which was the best and the worst part; I was greatly helped by a co-worker who found the problem interesting.

I hope those who judge will see some good in where I was trying to go.. but admittedly a game is not finished unless it can at least be successfully played.. ah well a lot of fun today though. Hacking under duress is by far the best way :)