Lawn Order Remix

jimbob made a concept screenshot of what he thought the game should look like:

guess that's what you normally do before the compo, heh. i might redo the game with this look, although it'll probably be in flash.

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Most games presented for Pyweek would make nice Flash games. It's a pity that there's no web-browser plugin for pygame or pyglet, as there is for many game engines like Unity3D...

I wonder it if would be too difficult programming a pyglet browser plugin :m
Er, why not just use Flash? :-)
1) Because it is not precisely cheap 2) Because Python is much nicer than ActionScript 3) Because there's no hardware acceleration with flash (is there?) I like Python too much X)
I'm not the only one, it seems! :D I've to have a look at Jython.
A python browser plug in would be pretty spiffy, flash isn't that bad either though. Yes flash is hardware accelerated (how else do you propose they would program all of those 3d games). And you can develop flash software for free (flash develop on windows, eclipse and open source compilers on linux).