Rose Ninja -- Postmortem

Rose Ninja (Pyweek Release) Postmortem


I didn't get all of what I wanted into the final release. I wanted to add in a mechanic for enemies and the player to block attacks, and also a way for the ninjas to attack while wall-sliding.

That said, I'm happy with what I got done, especially considering that I did it in three days! X-D

The enemy AI had its surprises. I didn't expect it to be so vicious, or to work as well as it did. Especially because it has two states, active and inactive, which are represented as a boolean. Otherwise, it's mostly based on the enemy's position relative to the player.

The levels were a mixed bag for me. The first level came out okay, I think, and the third came out very nicely. The second level was disappointing for me, though. The fight in the wall climb was fun, but it didn't really do much for me.
I also thought that the second level made it too easy for the player to run away, which was not the idea of it. (It was the idea of the third level) Perhaps I should have thought of that... :-P

The item placement wasn't my best work. Well, the third level came out okay. The second level, again, didn't do it quite right. The first level was okay in terms of items, though.

All in all, the gameplay came out pretty good, especially for having been coded in two days.


Not so great. I mean, my graphics were okay, but not great. I didn't have any sounds, and I think that was a sloppy move. Still, I've come to like my graphical style, basic as it may be.

I think the next game will feature more detail in the images, and possibly varying images for ninjas, so that the enemies don't all look the same.

Time Usage

I made pretty good use of my time while coding and making sprites, but I putzed around alot while making the levels. I should try not to do that.


I was happy with most of it. Kinda wish I had either more or better levels, but it still came out okay.

I learned alot this time around. I think that next time I'll apply the strategy I applied this time, but I'll apply it from day one.