Last day + post mortem

Well, it was as crazy day today.
SO, our final changelog:

Added missiles for your missile towers (wow, why'd that take so long?!?!)
Added laser, electro and bird food towers
Tweaked map generator
Added poison spray, mom with broom and lawn mower specials
Updated almost all images (really wish the missile towers had been fixed, but w/e)
Added fadeout for baddies
Made workers run back to base if they are hit by enemies
Made our hero (ugly, ugly image :S )
Tut screens and a story screen (bah, why so late, really hacky :S)

There is still a little art gone, and the sfx/music department is a little off (our musician was busy most of the week, and just didn't have the time to finish :S )
And, finally, the game balancing is still way off, almost impossible to win on easy (I haven't yet, without cheating).
Which is a question I wanted to ask everyone.
Basically the game is done, but to really enjoy it and make the levels right, it needs a little balancing.
I have been thinking about tinkering with that a little and then reuploading (the rules for uploading from last time were that bug-fixes in the 24 hour upload period were ok).
I didn't know if anyone thought this would be cheating or not - so I was thinking perhaps writing a script to do it, and people who want it can download/run the script to update, but that seems rather odd...
So, what is everyone's opinion - would slight balancing (stats only) and no gameplay changes, be alright, or frowned on?

Post Mortem:
Keeping it brief tonight, but here we go :)
I think this time we really did well, in that we got a good, feasible idea and stuck with it (yeah, we sorta changed idea for one night, but then came back to our original idea).
I didn't end the week sick and trying to forget about it like I usually do.
The team worked really well together, when we could. Pymike has a solo, so he was mostly absent on teh coding front. Nihilocrat was really busy, but he still got some sfx/music in and coded the system to use it. Keeyai had regular life come up, so he was gone after Wednesday.
But none the less, I think we did well. We have one of our most complete entries ever (if not the most), and I think we all learned a lot.
Personally I think I learned my limitations, both physically and mentally, so next time I will balance/pace myself better, how to better manage a team and my time, and I learned what kind of ideas to shoot for.

Cheers all, and happy playing :)

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I think your most complete PyWeek entry was Robot Wars, which is an amazing pygame.