Final Entry

Well, we are both really sick of looking at the game for now, and I'm hungry, so our final submission is in. For as much stuff as is going on in the game it's probably not well tested. But, it's there.

"Final" submission.

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This happens from time to time when I sell things.
E: '.'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/kent/src/pw8/IAmLagomorph-1/layer/", line 230, in run
    res =, vars=vars, active=active)
  File "/home/kent/src/pw8/IAmLagomorph-1/layer/", line 211, in run
    res =
  File "/home/kent/src/pw8/IAmLagomorph-1/layer/", line 105, in run
    try: return self.func(*args)
  File "/home/kent/src/pw8/IAmLagomorph-1/lagomorph/", line 241, in dialogue_advance
    if not d.advance(choice) and d == self._dialogue:
  File "/home/kent/src/pw8/IAmLagomorph-1/lagomorph/", line 170, in advance
    try: exec self.choices[int(choice)][1]
  File "", line 3, in 
  File "/home/kent/src/pw8/IAmLagomorph-1/lagomorph/", line 548, in _set_money
    self._moneylabel.number = self._money = n
  File "/home/kent/src/pw8/IAmLagomorph-1/lagomorph/", line 486, in _set_number
  File "/home/kent/src/pw8/IAmLagomorph-1/lagomorph/", line 476, in _update
    spr = Sprite(image=self._symbols[digit].image,
KeyError: '.'
@kent_turbo: Get pyglet 1.1.3. Happened to me too :)
that bug happens because I didn't draw a sprite for the dot symbol, which it needs at that point to display a floating point number in the money counter. not at all related to the pyglet version.
After the starting dialog screen, it crashed, and I had to upgrade to 1.1.3 to get it working - so I had the bugs mixed up :P