The Final Day -- What I've Done

I've just uploaded my final submission.

I'm happy with it for having done it in three days.

I'm proud of it. Realistically, it won't place so great. I mean, I don't think it'll do horribly, but I don't expect 1st-3rd. Maybe 9th or 10th.

What'd really make me happy is for everyone who plays it to tell me what they thought of it.
I'd especially love to hear from anyone who thought it was fun. ^_^

Well, it's uploaded. I appreciate feedback, good and bad.

It's been fun, and I can't wait to judge the entries! ^o^


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EDIT -- Oops, forgot to change the starting level back.. Uploading a fixed version!
Another note: At the end, press space to quit

Or.. You know.. Close the window. X-D