Thinking about making my next release final

My third level is taking way too long to make. I'm thinking that I'll make the "You Win The Game!" screen once I'm done with this level, then I'll make my final submission.

I just don't think I can get a fourth or fifth level done in the time I have left.

Ah well, it's been great fun.

I'm really proud of what I've done in the past couple of days. I didn't think I could do this much in so little time.
I learned some good lessons, though. I learned not to over-design, and not to under-design. I learned that I need to focus on playability before code cleanliness, and code cleanliness before grandiosity. I learned that I need to work in small steps, and to keep things simple.

And most of all, I learned to hang in there and see things through.

That said, I'm thinking about the Pyggy Awards.

I have lots of features I'd like to add to my game, and lots of tools to implement those features.

Here's some of the feature's I'm going to be working on:
-A "Commander Keen"-Style World Map
-Cut-Scenes and Dialogue
-Multiple Enemy Types
-More Complex Enemy AI
-More Terrain Types, Including Water, Conveyor Belts, and Moving Platforms
-Possibly an Inventory System
-Even More Ninja Awesomeness!

I know the Pyggy's are a long way off, but that's why I'm making the big plans now.

I can't implement some of the things I want to without seriously refactoring my code, so I'm going to finish the level I'm working on, make my "Game Won!" screen, then submit and get to work.

I'd say it's been a fun Pyweek, but it isn't over yet!