Day Six -- It's starting to look like a game!

I'm considering getting some sleep. I want to get a fresh start tomorrow.

Man, two days of work and it's already starting to look like a game. This is amazing.

I've got a level and a half, level progression, enemies, and gobs of ninja awesomeness!

I'm liking some of the other entries, as well. I can't wait to play all of them!

The last couple of days have really been amazing. I mean, a game in three days? With levels?! And NINJAS?!?! WOOOO!!! BONZAI!!

Phew! And I'm tired. But I made it... This far. ;-)


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I've uploaded a demo with what I have so far.

It's got a level, and one under construction!

The first level even has items!
And evil ninjas!
And the second level has spikes! OMG!

Sorry 'bout that. I'm excited, though. If I really work hard, I can have at least five levels by tomorrow's end, if not more. I may also make a save-game system, but I may leave that for post-compo development.

But wow! We're starting to see entries looking like games! This is really exciting for me. I love watching projects come together, and now I'm surrounded by them!
And my project's starting to look like a game, too! All I need are levels! YEAH!

I'm getting gradually sleepier, though. I'm gonna get dinner, watch some TeeVee(tm), and get some sleep.

Tomorrow, I build my playground. Tomorrow, we build our battlefields.