Demo Number Two -- Now With Enemies!

I have another demo ready and uploaded!

I have a basic HUD, which displays your health, how many shurikens you have left, and the score (Not implemented yet)

I also have a second test level, and this one has two enemies in it who will attack viciously!

If I implement difficulty setting (If not this week, then certainly for the Pyggy Awards!), it will slow the enemies down, lower their health, and possibly make their attacks do less damage.

The player currently gets five times as much health as each of the enemies, as well. Even with that, though, the buggers are tough! ;-)

My next task is items! Yeah!

I was surprised by how easy it was to implement enemies. It only took a little tweaking to get them right.

Their AI is simple (REALLY simple. Based on how far away the player is horizontally and vertically, without using states!), but they are really tough because they move just as fast as you do, and can really nail you if you're not careful!

As you may notice, taking damage knocks characters around. How big of an impulse is delivered to the character is based on how much damage they take from the attack.

Also, if an enemy's shuriken is stuck in the ground, and you touch it, you take damage! Be careful! X-D