First Demo! 8-D

I've got my level loader made! I've uploaded a demo and a screenshot of the test level.

It's a little (Just a little) bulky, though, because I got excited and packaged the SVG images with it. :P

Eh, I'll take them out (Create a separate folder without the SVGs) when I've gotten the enemies working. There'll be another demo then.

After that, the level progression system shouldn't be too hard.

I'm really happy I went to a text-based level storage format. WAY simpler to parse, and actually not too much hassle to work with. (Which was my main worry with it.)


If anyone wants to play with the level, it's located under "rose-ninja-1.0/data/levels/test" as "0.lvl".

The syntax for the level format is as follows:
Player Start Point:"player start: x,y"
Enemy Start Point:"enemy start: x,y" (Enemies don't nevessarily work right now, and haven't been tested. Use at your own risk!)
Ground Terrain Area:"grass area: left,top,width,height"
Spike Terrain Area:"spikes area: left,top,width,height" (Note, though, that you can currently touch spikes as much as you want. This will be fixed, however.)
Level Size:"level size: x,y" (Note that objects can exist outside of the level, but the game camera is locked inside the level's area. You can still fall off, too, but that will be fixed in the next release!)

Also, the space is important. You can add spaces around each line, and also after the colon, but not between the arguments (EG:'player start: 25,10' is fine, but not 'player start: 25, 10')
This may be relaxed in the next release, though! ^_^


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Pretty cool so far! The jumping around and various attacks work pretty well, and the enemies put up a bit of a challenge - they are very aggressive and scary :) Good job with pulling in the reigns and getting stuff put together.