Sixth night: finally playable?

I just about killed myself getting it to a playable state tonight. It's still not what I would have called playable a little while ago, but since I have to wake up for work in an hour, my standards are significantly lower. Here it is anyway.

The controls are still a bit confusing, but I hope to make some in-game explanations to clear them up. For people who want to try it, fertilizing speeds up buildings in progress: select an acorn, move it next to a building, and pick Fertilize. Dew drops recover damaged buildings. This is complicated. Select an acorn, pick Get Dew Drop, move it next to the damaged building, and pick Use Dew Drop. I'll try to have a button that does that all in one click.

I need to tweak about three dozen numbers to get the challenge level right. It's currently way too easy. The object is to "cover" at least 90% of the lawn. An area is covered if it's within range of a Star Plant. The only way your victory is acknowledged at this point is with a subtle effect of those glowy bits.

One more night and one more day left. Here's looking forward to the end!