Day Six -- I feel prooty good about this one!

It's about 4:25AM here in Mittenland!

It was 4:20AM or so when I first typed that, but I felt compelled to sing a song about my morning. Because I'm a little groggy, and a bit disoriented.

I woke up morning at 1:30AM or so, and I felt very ill. I was shaking and cold, I had a fever, my throat was parched and DRRRYYYYY~

I laid in my bed,
Put my hands on my head,

Perhaps I'd caught the SWIIIINE FLUUUU!!!
But then I remembered I had work to do,
And I remembered the things taught to me by YOOOUUU!!

Sorry bout that. I'm still a little dizzy... X-D

But yeah, I woke up sick, but I feel much better now. :-)

Today I hope to get my level loader together, and then maybe get enemies going.

I'm still a little out of it, but I should be able to work in a couple of hours.



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I appreciate your free flowing emotion.