Something resembling a game

Well, its now playable, sort of. The protesters protest and the policemen can be ordered around. For controls its lmb to select, rmb to move - that is it. However, you can group select by dragging and also drag out a line with the rmb to make the policemen form up in a line. Was quite fiddly to get all of that - had to go write a quad tree for selection, but the core concepts now work. Two core gameplay issues still remain - victory conditions, i.e. detecting when the protesters have been kettled in the right place, and adding in a system of upgrades with money, to allow you to buy more policemen and bribe politicians to get new laws to help you. After that the current level needs replacing - its too easy to kettle them and the nodes could be far better placed now I know how the AI behaves.

On the subject of the AI the protesters are quite crazy - most of the time they protest, but every now and again they need to do something else - drink, eat or urinate basically. If there not quick enough there are consequences, including potentially death if they dehydrate, the statistics of which I will collate at the end. Death is in fact how you make money - when a protester dies your policemen get a pay out for stress caused - 1 pound per policeman. Don't worry, with the recession its cheap to bribe politicians! They also have avoidance strategies when stuck, which means that whilst forming a line blocking the protest will mostly work some protesters will work their way around, making them harder to manage.

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