Fifth night: still working on gameplay

I didn't reach my goal of making the first level playable. But, I'm making a lot of progress behind the scenes, so I think things will come together nicely soon, hopefully tomorrow. I refactored my cursor class so menus should be easier now. I used "exec" for the first time, and now I can make sequences of movements for the units.

I also added a few little touches that I probably should have saved for later, but the more fun a feature is, the more I'm inspired to work on it. I spent over an hour working out the formula for a parabola so the acorns could bounce onto the stage. But I think a lot of my game is going to ride on how funny the little movements of the acorns are, so maybe that isn't wasted time after all. I also got the little glowy bits working. It's starting to feel a whole lot like the Kokiri Forest.

No new screenshot. I only added one sprite, so it doesn't look different enough.

I'm having trouble thinking of enemies. I draw really slowly, so I ideally need something that only takes one frame. If it needs to be animated when it walks, or it looks different from different angles, it'll be tough. I certainly can't do a sprite that does both. So, maybe some evil blobs? We'll see.

I've apparently got 1049 lines of code. Feels like a lot more.

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Fire wisps for enemies?
Yeah I like it! Good idea, that might work.