Its Day 4 and I was struttin' down the street

In the interest of getting the game done in time, we've axed one location and I've started on animating the sprites. I'm getting these done at the rate of about one animation per 1-2 hours. Hopefully that speed will be enough to finish all the animations that we'll need. So today I break my uberlong screenshot streak, can't be arsed to mock it up anymore but I have two animations to look at! The first is the character walking while the next is the character strutting his stuff about.

Once again I shall be optimistic and think that I can get these animations done faster if I'm not as knackered as I am right now. Whew. I'm going to sleep later and later each day.

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heres a mockup of sorts! ... well.. our level editor in action :) zb is my hero!