Feeling pessimitic

I'm feeling very pessimistic about my game.

I don't even have enough to make it playable, or even testable. ._.

I'm starting to feel lost. I should have been less ambitious. I really should have.

I still think I can get something by the end of the week, but I don't think I'll be able to finish. :/

My entity code is crawling along, but I haven't started anything else, though. Not even my level structure. :(

I'm really upset with myself. I let my ambition get out of hand, and now I'm horribly behind, and may not finish at all.

I... Can't quite figure out how to avoid this, and it happens to me alot. I get wrapped up in a big idea, and it grows and grows, and then it just falls apart. :(

Is there any way I can avoid this in the future, or am I doomed to repeat this mistake? ._.

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Don't worry, ours probably won't be finiished in time either, but we're no less optimistic for that.

Play as part of a team! Your teammates will keep you in check :). And also you can distribute the work and learn from more experienced teammates.

Anything we can help with now? Not that I'm twiddling my thumbs :).

That killed me on the last PyWeek. I've found that you should be at least somewhat ambitious, though, or you end up with a real stinker in the end; see some of my previous entries ;).
cyhawk: Not at the moment, but I'll keep it in mind. ^_^

Currently, I'm cutting back my design (EG:Not having twenty-six playable characters :P)

With the cutbacks, I can get it done fairly easily, and still have a great game! ^o^

The game's story may change a bunch, though. XD

Ah well, I can prolly get it to fit the theme better this way. :D

Excelsior and Yatta!