An illegal protest

Well, I now know what I'm making, though I have no idea if I will finish. Its called Kettling, which is one of the tactics used by police in London during the G20 protests. The lawn in question is where the protest is going to take place... and your job in a simplistic RTS is to kettle them off the lawn as it were. Consequences shall be plenty. I'm hoping to make the lawn in question parliament square, just outside Whitehall palace, where it is of course now illegal to have a protest, unless you fill out forms where they will say no if you request more than a few people. But modelling that, even in the simplistic cartoon style I'm using, would be tricky. I might add the bribing of politicians to get useful laws to improve your odds as well if I find time. (some of which will be real laws that have been passed, just to make the point.) Anyway, right now I have a test level, 'bobbles' which are my human substitutes, as I don't have time to draw humans, but due to the use of ODE for physics they move really rather awesome. I have the ability to make them walk from a to b and some basic route finding setup but not yet used. Next step is to integrate that, at which point I should have a protest. Then I need to work out how to control the police and add camera controls, at which point I have a game.

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This idea sounds particularly interesting. I'm curious to see how this goes.
hey, we were about to do the same!
lucio: You're doing it with zombies? How exactly would that work? I mean, the zombies would just eat the people kettling them and make more zombies... If it works well, I want to see it. :)

Anyway, I don't think both ideas will be the same. They seem to have different focuses. Please continue both of you working on your ideas. :)
we wanted to do that, but then we dropped it in favor of the zombies idea.