Um.. Okay, the theme! XD

I neglected to think about the theme!

The evil mastermind who stole the Capsule-series was none other than...
Doctor Kruntzerpuntzer! From my first concept! O_O;

Yes, doctor Kruntzerpuntzer, angry that he missed his chance to be in a video game, has stolen an entire line of robots from a massive corporation!

Now, he has declared to the UN that the entire mainland United States is now his lawn! He has further gone into detail that if the United States doesn't get off his lawn, he will let his own Capsule robots loose on the world! After that, he'll probably go yell at Mrs. Kruntzerpuntzer to make him a sandwich.

It is up to Capsules A and B to stop Kruntzerpuntzer, destroy the evil robots, and rescue their fellows from being rebuilt and converted into superweapons!