Pyweek 2 over for team rtsfans

Now the game is done, got some last minute suggestions from people. It's interesting that it's possible to make a game in 652 lines of Python code. Finally the coding can come to an end. :)

Now I'll start looking at what other people have made. Will be fun :)

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Heh. I beat you by 20 lines :)

richard@shiny:~/src/games/pyweek/sotc$ wc -l

Mine's 625, but then, it's not finished. I'll be heading to bed just now, but plan to keep up the pace until it is done, which will hopefully be tomorrow night.
517. But then again, my code ended up extremely disorganized and my game, missing a few basic things like intro and sounds.
It says a lot about how productive Python is in combination with Pygame/OpenGL. I'm pretty confident that my finished game will be little more than 1000 lines or so of code.
Mine is some plase around 4500 lines of code! i beat you all!
Our Steam Run ended up with a bit over 1500 lines. 4500 sounds like an absolute monster, though. :D
Ours is 4239 lines of python and 320 in config files if you want to count those.
Our game is 2137 lines. I could optimise quite a few things to make it smaller though. Some duplicate code in there I think. Like in event handling I have copy/pasted the same code for both joystick and keyboard events, and all different enemy types are pretty much handled separately although their methods are pretty much the same. :-)
I know what you mean. I spent an hour or so today going through our code and pulling things out to put into a library. A whole lot of stuff was cut and paste that could've been made into a seperate class and managed that way.