My Game -- Voles

My game will be titled Voles. It is about a bounty hunter named Rachel Mure, who has been asked by the owner of the massive New Edison Martian Arcology, Nathan Lorenzo, to eradicate a band of space pirates that have been raiding the crops of the Arcology's massive arboretum.

It will be a fairly fast-paced game, with all sorts of acrobatics, wall-kicks, backflips, and the like. The levels will consist of massive machines that the pirates have built to steal crops.
The levels will be semi-timed. If the player can destroy the machine before it takes in all of the crops on the field it is on, they will recieve a bonus based on how much was left. Otherwise, they can still complete the level, but will recieve a penalty because all of the crops were picked, and have to be consumed or preserved before they rot.

The player will be granted a number of different weapons, including:

The player will also have a jetpack, with which they can fly around. This will have limited power, and when it runs out, the player will have to wait for it to recharge.

It will have a skeletal animation system, which I have about a third of the way done.

This game is gonna be real cool! OwO

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Sounds ambitious! Good luck.
Sounds fun, and also the scope seems about right. Games with jetpacks are fun! That should be a theme sometime.