First night: got an idea

My game will be... well.... 8 years ago we would have called it a real-time strategy or god game. Today it would probably be called tower defense. I'm worried that this will be a common usage of this theme, so I was hesitant to go with it, but how can you say no to this little guy?

You can't really tell how cute he is, though, without seeing him scuppering around, so I uploaded my code so far. Here's the link. At least mine takes place on an actual lawn. Okay, an actual field. Okay, an actual forest understory. Close enough.

This game, the more I think about it, has a lot of similarities to my Pyweek 6 game: it's an RTS where you have to escape the planet before it's too late, and the story incorporates a classic sci-fi hypothesis. What can I say, I know what I like. This one should have much higher production value, though. But since I only know Pygame at this point, I may have to compromise. We'll see.

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The screenshot really doesn't do this justice. The acorn is adorable in action!
I concur with cyhawk. The movement is really hypnotizing!