Well, snap!

Appears our team captain (RB[0]) won't be able to contribute very much, so I'll be more or less leading things this time around. Since none of us have any experience with pyggel or 3D, we'll either be using retrogamelib, pyglet + squirtle, or straight pygame, depending on what theme's selected.

P.S. vote Sleeping Bears and receive a free picture of honey! ;)

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Yumm! Vote Half Sovereign and I will offer to let you help me move large sums of money out of the country.
Want to split it 60-40? It's at #2 :)
Okay, great, he's cleared things up somewhat, and he'll be able to do more than we thought. Depending on which theme's selected, either he or I will be leading. Huzzah!!
Yeah, wouldn't miss this for much ;)