The Road to PyWeek - The second practice run approaches

With my second practice run (Number one, because the first was zero) a mere ten minutes away according to my clock (At the time I started writing this), my friend has held a vote amongst our other friends to see which theme would be the one we'd use.

She held the thing in the open, so I already know what the theme will be.

The theme for my second practice run is:
Running on Ice

I've already begun working out the concepts of my game. It will be another platformer, taking place in northern Quebec. The player is a treasure hunter looking for a golden ham said to have great and awesome magical power, the exact nature of which isn't specified at the moment.

The player's character is a snake-person, and the gameplay is derived from that fact. They interact with the environment in part using their coils, and also by swallowing objects. The player also has to pay attention to their body temperature, because if it gets too low, they fall asleep.

In terms of code design, I will be making to overall structure first, and then working on the nitty-gritty of it. I will likely be building some parts of Peachy Keen to support the game, but only the parts I'll need.

I'll also probably be making an image and level editor, but hopefully that won't take too much time.

The game will feature an overworld map if I have time, and a save game system.

I will have alot to do this time around, but I think that by working from the top down I'll be able to make it happen.