The Road to PyWeek -- More Setbacks

Anyone who has been following my attempt to create a demo of my first practice game will note that I haven't even posted about it again since this morning.

I had scheduling issues. The bus driver who took me from campus to the bus station was a trainee, and got to the station five minutes after every other bus, including the one I take home, had left.

I then called up a family member to pick me up. She ran into about fourty-five minutes worth of traffic, and then I spent about an hour at a doctor appointment I wasn't aware of until I was on my way out the door this morning.

After that, there was the long drive home, with a half-hour stop at the grocery store on the way.

In short:Today's out-of-home time took roughly twice as long as I had expected it to.

Demo: Tomorrow (If the Fates would be kind enough to allow it)