The Road to PyWeek -- Approaching The Demo

I have the majority of the level loading code written, and it simply needs to be tested.

I need to learn to structure things better for unit tests, though... I've only done a couple:One for the gauges on the HUD, and another for whether entities move correctly. Had I thought of it, I would've released the second one. ^^;

Oh well. I have two classes today (Plus about an hour and a half worth of bus riding), so I won't be able to work on this for a good part of the day.

I'm currently getting my terrain indexes ready. I only need a small subset of my tileset to make the demo, though.

As it stands, the demo will consist of a simple level and no enemies. It should be ready today. (I took Freeciv off of both of my machines, and won't be re-installing it until after the compo XD)

But, my index parsing code has given me a (rough) idea on how I'm going to write my XML parser for my game engine, so I'd say things are going pretty well for me, all things considered. ^_^


---Edit:That's an hour and a half of bus riding. I got my numbers mixed up :P

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It's kind of comforting to know I wouldn't have made the demo by eight yesterday even if I hadn't gotten side-tracked. :P

Anyway, I only have a couple of hours worth of coding before I can start debugging. This means I should have something built on my engine that actually runs by some time this evening.

After I get that done, I just need to write my menus and a few other (hopefully) simple things, and I can start hammering away at the images I'll need.

The bosses and enemies will take a bit to make the images for, and it will also probably take a while to write the data files for them. I'm thinking that will need to be a "Go to bed at ten, wake up at midnight" kind of task.

But, I'm learning how much of a time sink a set of boilerplates can turn into. XD
Definitely need to ditch writing them. That's what's been hurting my motivation lately. I haven't actually finished making a game in quite a while. :/

My next practice game will involve working on Peachy Keen. I'm going to do everything I can to get it to a usable state.

My plan is to build the game on top of Peachy Keen, and just write the modules as I need them, which means I'm going to need to read up on XML. I haven't studied too much of it, and everything I know about it was gleaned from reading SVGs. I'm going to want something more formal. It'll be nice to have a consistent way to format data, though.

(I've hand-coded way too many sets of images in games, and having things indexed in an XML document will be a very nice change)

I think it'll be helpful to have that at my disposal. It's a shame I waited so long to start this, but school's made alot of demands on my free time. It's too late to use it in the compo, but I'll be using it alot on my personal projects.
(Those proctects will be posted on The Peachy Keen GoogleCode Page, and many of them will also be useful as tutorials for various modules in the engine.)

Meh, it just means I'm going to have it working and hopefully Bug-Free(tm) by PyWeek 9. XD