The Road to PyWeek -- Of Code and Sprites

I'm going to be aiming to produce a playable demo by the end of today, as I stated yesterday. I'm already working hard on getting the base of the game flow code running, and getting enough assets together to have something that demonstrates the game's concepts.

I've gotten my game camera working, and am working on the function in the main loop for drawing the game's actual screen.

I've made a (tentative) decision to scale back the variety of the enemies in the game, for the sake of having the time to make all of the sprites.
I'm also getting a bit nervous about my ability to find all the sounds, but I'm sure I can find what I need on Freesound.

Overall, life is going fairly well at the moment.

And, my C++ class (The only class I have on Mondays) got cancelled today, so I have extra time.

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I have most of the graphical code, and my level loader is mostly working. I should hopefully have a demo ready by 6:00PM EDT.

*Crosses fingers*

I have gotten the data file loading code mostly done, so I should be able to describe all of my game data in plaintext files, instead of having to hard-code it.

The way my code is developing, to have a demo, I'll have to have nearly all of my code written, because I want to build my demo on top of the game's underlying structure.
That said, that structure is nearly complete, and should be in operation soon. I may have to push my deadline back a bit, though, to allow for the completion of the level loader.

The level loader and editor will use images to store the locations of tiles for both the background and foreground. These two things will be stored in separate images, because the terrain tiles are 15x15 pixels and the background tiles are 120x120 pixels. This also allows for the locations of items and enemies to be stored along with the terrain, so we still have a background tile in these places.
The editor, if/when it's done, will choose background tiles dynamically, and mostly randomly. That said, there will be objects in the background, though they will be "painted onto" the background tiling.

The data parsing algorithms came together much more quickly than I thought they would, so I'd say it's possible that I could have a debugging release by Wednesday if I really push, and likely have (most of) the bugs worked out by Thursday.
Well, that's if the level loading code keeps coming along well, and also if there aren't too many showstopping bugs. I'm confident, though.

I will be creating a page for the game on when I have the demo ready.

Unfortunately, Freeciv just ate about three hours of my time, so the demo will have to wait for tomorrow XD

I'm going to get up early tomorrow morning (2:00AM EDT) to work on it, so I hope to have a demo by sometime... Well, ideally tomorrow morning.

LESSON LEARNED:Freeciv doesn't want you to work. It wants you to flounder around in a made-up world where you spend an hour trying to find where the hordes of Norwegians are coming from, only to find you were looking in the wrong direction, and that they're about seven tiles north of you, and not four hundred tiles east.