A Super Effective thank you

Thanks everyone for a great competition. The standard of games was once again excellent, which is good as it means the competition is stronger. I will admit a shred of disappointment that we didn't win, but we can never really improve unless we are challenged can we? Besides I'm still somewhat delirious about our 4.83 average production score! Seriously, I never expected anything so much. :-)

Also thanks everyone for playing our game, especially those of you who were brave enough to carry on once nausea started to set in ;-). I'm sure the motion sickness thing did not do our "fun" rating any favours, I guess that's a lesson learnt: the players have to be physically capable of playing the game.

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone really. This writing a game in a week thing is not easy but its extremely rewarding. Now we can settle back for seven months, honing our skills for next time...

Oh, and a special congratulations to Gondola and Mr Fuze: loved 'em both!

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Congrats ya'll :) I woulda played your game to death if that bloody camera would not be so dizzying ;D And thanks about Mr Fuze! I'm very glad you enjoyed it :)