Bell Runner - Response to Comments

Well, once again I'm blown away by the ratings I received. I never expected to get such a high ranking for what I felt was a rather minimal game. Thanks, everyone!

I know it wasn't very much like Lode Runner -- that's just where I got the name from. If I'd had more time, it might have had more Lode-Runner-like features, such as treasures to collect.

Sorry if the last level was too hard. I was worried that it was far too easy up to then, and I might have overcompensated. I was thinking of leaving a tiny bit of the rope showing, but I thought that might be too obvious. Perhaps I should have done that.

One person claimed they could only do the level with the seven bells in a row by trial and error. That's rather perplexing, since the bells are all in order, so once you've discovered which staff line one of the bells corresponds to, working out the rest should be straightforward.

Thanks again, and I'll look forward to seeing you all again next PyWeek!