People and Planes: Reply to comments

Wow. I'm quite happy. I wasn't expecting such a high rating (at least for this game). Thanks to everyone who played and voted on my game. :)

Here's a reply to the main points of the comments (not going to go through one by one this time):

(There was one DNW due to lack of pyglet, which is odd, because the main package had pyglet in it.)

Thanks for all the comments and feedback! Overall, I'm happy with the comments and the ratings. I don't think I'm making an updated version but learning what I could have done better certainly helps me make better Pyweek games in the future. :) Congratulations to the winners, not only both winners had awesome games but also there were a lot of other awesome games. In fact, congratulations to everyone who finished it. Thanks to Richard once more for hosting it.

I have to admit even though I wasted 6 days on a totally different game that didn't work, I learned a lot this time and this was a great Pyweek (not to mention I surprised myself at how fast I made this game, considering I've tried a few LD48s and never managed to finish them).

See you next Pyweek. :)