That's All Folks!

Whew. Had a pretty good but exhausting PyWeek I reckon. Teaming up with gord has been the best thing evar. I'll update the entry page with the proper game description but for now please bear this sleep deprived description of the game.

The Littlest Goddess v1.0.1. If you managed to get v1.0, please get the patch for level five

You're Devika, a little goddess and you've lost your pet! Follow the trail of string left behind to find your pet.

It's a puzzle platformer so theres not much in the way of baddies,the challenge is in navigating the levels. All in all we feel we've produced a nice game, very visual and quite challenging. We still have some bugs running around but nothing too game breaking. We did put in a reset key though, just in case. We can has a normal life again!

Screenshots follow below.