Submitted my cent

The week is over and it didn't worked the way i hoped for. But in the end i like i the concept i came up with and i will finish the game in the next few weeks. Now that i saw, how time expensive it is to create the type and quality of content i need, the whole idea of doing it in one week as a solo entry is just a little to much ambitious. But here it is so far what i tried:

A story-driven 2D-Guitar-Hero-Shooter

A Work-In-Progress version of my game. The main idea is, that you fly a spaceship, with the ability to modify the elemental strings that everything in the universe consists of (string theory). There is an evil emperor who chases you, while you and your ship are getting stronger. The game will consists of story sequences where the plot is presented and playable levels, where the player has to defeat his enemies.

So far only two sequences are implemented.

The player defeats his foes by using his ship´s string manipulation ability. He has to press a sequence of keys matching to the rhythm of the background music to create energy waves that banishes his foes.

The project was much to ambitious for one week, but so far i'm proud of what i created and i will continue due to a real playable version.

The final version (hopefully) will contain:
- more levels :)
- player has to play notes to form melodies.
- there are different melodies, each creating a different kind of energy wave to damage enemies.
- combine melodies to combos that can stop the time or give you a little bonus.
- More and higher quality story sequences.
- my own soundtrack (the track from Acumen is great, but not excactly what i had in mind).