In the finals

The past days flew away fast.. It was exciting to see how the code, the stage editor, the graphics , and the music come together slowly..

Now I'm almost up for a whole day (greetings mates! :), and things seem to be working quite all right (more than expected..). Coding some intro screen and menu is still back though..

All right, a little teaser about the game: It's a multi(2-3)player networked game (no AI support yet.. maybe sometimes later), mainly for LAN/stable net connection usage (heh, mostly because the initalizer UDP packets' arrival is not verified :d .. bandwidth usage is quite small)

The goal is to gather a specified score, faster than the others do. A player controls a train, and receives score based on the number of carriages he pulls. You can 'steal' carriages of other trains by bumping into their back, or in a frontal meeting, beeing the faster one.

Of course, having more carriages makes life difficult: it's harder to accelerate. You have to input coal to the engine to maintain a steam pressure, and keep acceleration high (if you want). Coal can be picked up on specified locations of the railway, and can be piled up for a limited amount.

Switches can be controlled by 'bidding' for them. The player, who gives the most action point for a switch, when any train comes near it, determines it's position.

Well, sounds complex, but it's straighter when you play it (at least we hope). I'll post a screen-shot, and return coding..

Keep working hard, there's still time!! Cheers!