one last tip!

We forgot to put a skip button in our story that plays during launch. If you really get into it and want to play the game a few times you can disable the story intro by editing


change the SkipToMenu value to "True"

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... /NaN7-0.6/game/", line 24
     import Box2D2 as box2d
ImportError: No module named Box2D2
I would love to play your game, but this is all I get:

File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/pyglet/image/", line
2366, in load_animation
raise first_exception
pyglet.image.codecs.ImageDecodeException: Unable to load: rope.gif

Could this be a case error?
Hmm... I doubt the second problem is a case error, they are all lowercase filenames. What version of pyglet are you using? The first issue looks like box2d lib isn't installed. I'll get a list of required modules together on here.

Required modules (hope I haven't forgot any):

  • box2d
  • pygame
  • pyglet
  • cocos2d
Hiyas - Just wondering if anyone has had any running this entry luck at all?