25 hours to go...

Well, so now we get to look back on the first part of the week and see what has happened.
Currently Markus and I are running on very little sleep - I have been averaging about 5-6 hours each night now, staying up 'til 5 am this morning - so today started out a little anti-productive, but we have managed to turn that around finally.

Today so far we have some sounds, code and art from Ieuan (Unnheulu), some art and code from Pymike, a lot of code form Markus and myself.

The battle gui is now done, as well as automated resource gathering - though the gui is not yet in place to actually stop this LOL.

SO now, about 6 hours behind schedule I am starting to hit the ai - and Markus is working on finishing up the UI.

After that, we have a few bugs, but then we are pretty much golden and just need some playtesting and balancing.

Woot, we may finish yet! :D

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Now that I'm done with my game, I can devote more time to art/code :-) Hopefully we'll polish it up nicely by the end of tomorrow!