Well, it had to happen sooner or later, but maybe if I post about it someone will know a way around this...

Basically, my game involves ironing, so I have two images - one of a shirt with rumples, one without.

Graphically, the most effective way of pulling this off *seemed* to be blitting the uncreased image over the creased image under the mouse cursor, so I've set off down this route. Now, I've reached the point where I need to find some way to compare the working image with the uncreased image, to see if the user has finished their ironing yet.

I've just spent most of the evening trawling through the surfarray and Numeric docs looking for anything that might let me do this, and while I've found a few good possibilities (such as Numeric.equal(a,b)) it still doesn't seem to work.

I'm hoping that there's either something obvious that I've missed, or something clever that someone knows, otherwise I'll have to code up a new system, in which case I'll probably not get my coding done by the end of the competition... Help!

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Why not just have a separate array that records the ironing?
Hmm... Would that be an arry to contain the creases, or an array to contain where the player has already ironed? Wouldn't that still bring me back, ultimately, to needing to compare two arrays? Because that is the bit I don't know how to do...
Now I get it! The mechanics are nicely up and running now, so it's just a case of adding polish. Wonder how much polishing can be done in 11.5 hours...
If I'm lucky, approximately an entire games worth.